Coming Very Very Soon
(hopefully by Monday July 17 @ 10am EST)

AiBot2WP Agency WordPress plugin for HumanBot assistants

AiBot2WP is a WordPress plugin for adding HumanBot (Ai assisted chatbots) campaigns without having to enter any code.

With AiBot2WP plugin installed on your WordPress site, you can add your HumanBot avatar & chat box to any or all pages of your WordPress website by simply entering the campaign ID and clicking save.

AiBot2WP Agency WordPress plugin for HumanBot assistants

The AiBot2WP-Agency plugin is for HumanBot agencies wanting to host HumanBot demo pages on their own website using their own domain name.

Unlike the client demonstration pages generated using the default HumanBot links, your demo pages created using the AiBot2WP-Agency plugin can also include a customised popover with your agency details and a call to action to encourage your potential clients to take up your offer.

Note: AiBot2WP is not affiliated or connected with HumanBot. The developer of the AiBot2WP plugins is a user of HumanBot who is making this available to other users who will also find it a useful time saver.